Wild Bird III 40#

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Three ingredient wild bird mix containing cracked corn, millet, and black oil sunflower. A great ground feed that will attract Cardinals, Jays, Sparrows, including native and House, Mourning Doves, plus many more ground feeding birds and wildlife. 


Marie's Notes: "I don't recommend putting wild bird feeds, with corn and millet,into feeders you wish to keep House Sparrows from. These type of feeds attract House Sparrows that can become large flocks, over running your feeders and keeping the shy Cardinals, and other native songbirds away. I recommend using Wild Bird mixes, such as this one, as a ground feed only, or filling a feeder far away from the ones you wish to attract songbirds to.

Using this feed as a ground feed, under arborvitae shrubs, or other shrubs, and evergreen trees, is another great way to feed our backyard birds. Cardinals, native Sparrows, and other ground feeding birds, will love feeding in these type of areas. This Wild Bird III feed is an ideal ground feed for all those birds. It is not loaded with miscellaneous seeds that our backyard birds dislike. All of this feed will most likely be eaten by your backyard birds, and not leave piles of uneaten seed behind to attract rodents and other pests. To discourage these, feed only the amount the birds will consume between feedings, and don't pile feed on top of uneaten seed. 

Ground feeding locations should be rotated to avoid bacteria and sickness among your ground feeding wildlife. Allow the elements, rain and air, to refresh feeding areas between uses. Rake, or suction up,  shell debris that builds up in ground feeding areas.

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