Covered finch feeder pole set, our Backyard Gold Rush

This delightful feeder pole set provides protective rain coverage to tiny delicate seed to avoid spoilage, and two branch arms for landing at the station. The branch arms also hold our soft cotton tail nesting balls during Goldfinch nesting season from late June into September. Use our best selling finch feed "Gold Rush" in the two feeders with their special mesh and attract a "gold rush" of goldfinches! It includes a super duty twist-in auger ground stake, a black steel 74"- 80" pole, a pole top acrylic and polylumber cover with inside hangers, and two metal, special mesh, finch feeders.  

With this station and our "Gold Rush" feed, you will attract Goldfinches, Chickadees, Nuthatches, and other small clinging feeder birds, if they are in your vicinity. Some seed will sprinkle out when filling, but that is the reason the birds love these feeders .... it is so easy for them to access the seed! Fill over a pail or the bag to catch the seed if you wish.

Marie's Note: " I have taken other mesh feeders off my shelves due to the birds not liking them. Those feeders, with smaller mesh holes, tend to hold the seed too tightly. Not these feeders. The birds love them! " 

In addition, I love the acrylic on the weather pole top cover, because it allows the sunlight to shine through and highlight the birds while they are feeding at this station. Other covers without acrylic just put the birds in the shadow and makes it difficult to see the birds.

To keep squirrels from climbing up the pole and doing there best to access feed from these feeders for lengths of time, you may wish to add one of our USA made black powder coated squirrel baffles on the pole. Just be sure you mount the baffle 3.5 to 4 ft. from the ground and have a clearance around the cover of 8 to 10 ft. from any launching point the squirrels can jump from.

Ideally for the birds' own preference, have an ornmental size perching tree 11 - 20 ft. away from the feeder station. It will help the birds with safety if hawks hunt them at this station, and the birds will stage up there before flying to the feeder.

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