Easy "Diamond and Gold" Two Feeder Station

Want an easy to start feeder station? We suggest the following items to build a successful feeder station. Start with our two hook, all steel, shepherd hook pole, our black steel dometop squirrel baffle ( hooks remove from the top of our shepherd pole so you can slide the baffle down to the right height), our "Gold Rush" mesh finch feeder, and our 5 Quart metal "diamond mesh" sunflower feeder.

Marie's Note: If Grackles are a problem in your yard, you may wish to substitute the Sunflower Mesh feeder with our 3 Qt. Safflower Diamond Mesh feeder instead.

Add two of our super attractive and recommended feeds for these feeders.... our Gold Rush Finch Feed for the finch feeder and our "Sun 'n Saff" for the larger feeder, unless using the Grackle deterrent Safflower feeder, in which case our squirrel deterrent feed.

Set this station at least 10 feet away from a tree, fence, or other squirrel launching point, but within 15 to 20 feet from a full sized ornamental type tree, and in good viewing position for you. Our BirdBait TM is best used in dry conditions due to the lack of shell protection of the sunflower meats the birds love and are attracted to. 

"When filling these feeders, some seed WILL sprinkle out, but that is the reason the birds love these feeders so much. It is very easy for them to feed. Fill them over the bag or a pail to catch any fallen seed, if you wish, or let your ground feeding birds and critters enjoy the special morsels!

I have taken other mesh feeders off my shelves because the birds did not like to feed from them. Birds love these feeders, and because there are no perches to limit the number that can feed, many will be able to feed at the same time!" 


P.S. Always be patient when introducing new feeders. I suggest you let the "old feeders" go empty and not refill to motivate the birds to use the new feeder first. It may take the birds a while before feeling safe enough to use, maybe even a couple weeks. Having habitat protection, like tall shrubs or ornamental, dense covered trees within 15 feet, will aid in their feeling of security.

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