Hopper style bird feeders are not my favorite and here's why...

This is a tray feeder. This is a mesh cylinder feeder. .'


This is a hopper feeder .

Notice how much more of a surrounding view the birds have at the first two feeders compared to the hopper? When songbirds feed at a hopper feeder, they are being pinned up against a wall, of sorts, and have no view of the opposite side of the feeder. Cardinals, especially, are very skittish and want to see any potential predator danger. Cardinals will feed at these feeders, but I believe, they would prefer the other two styles pictured above.

Platform tray feeders and our mesh cylinder seed feeders are the best type of bird feeders, in my opinion, because they offer birds more of a view of potential predator attacks, plus you get to see more of the birds feeding at your feeders, too!

The advantage of Hopper bird feeders, is they offer great weather protection of the seed, and hold a large amount of seed so you don't have to fill as often. I find that our 5 quart metal mesh cylinder feeders also hold plenty of seed. And the mesh allows great cross ventilation to dry out the seed after rain. Just do not fill these type of feeders with feed that has tiny seed like millet. Feed that has tiny seed like this will cake up much more than non-millet or small seed type feeds.

On a side note, please position your feeders within 15 feet of dense protection such as tall shrubs or trees. I think it is unethical to make your feeder birds "sitting ducks" for predator attacks,by putting feeders in a wide clearing with no trees or tall shrubs for them to escape into from hawks hunting at yard bird feeders.

I think the ideal feeder station set up is to have an ornamental size tree, like fruit trees, or arborvitae like, tall, shrubs between 10 and 15 feet from the feeders. Having both of those type of landscaping plantings would be even better! Any closer than 10 feet and you may have squirrel-jumping issues when you put a baffle on the pole as a squirrel deterrent.



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