Add a roosting box to your winter yard

Many people put out bird houses in the Spring for nesting birds. But did you know you can also offer shelter for birds for the upcoming cold months of Winter?  When you take down your nesting boxes in the Fall, consider putting up a winter roosting box for your backyard birds, to provide warmth and protection from the cold and wind this Winter.

Here's what the Cornell Lab of Ornithology says about roosting boxes .....

"Roosting boxes differ from nest boxes in several ways. A good roost box is designed to prevent the birds' body heat from escaping, so, unlike a nest box, it has fewer ventilation holes. Also, its entrance hole is near the bottom of the box so the rising warmth doesn't escape.

Inside a roost box there may be several perches made from small wooden dowels, staggered at different levels. The inside front and rear walls may be roughened, scored, or covered with hardware cloth so that woodpeckers can cling to them. A hinged top allows easy access so you can clean the box.

Some people modify their empty nest boxes for winter to make them better for roosting. Techniques include turning the front panel around so that the entrance hole is at the bottom, adding twigs for perches, and plugging some of the ventilation holes."

Here's a nice roosting box/nesting box combination piece, we, at Go Wild With Birds, offer our customers. It's made right here in Wisconsin!

   I recommend you mount it in a good viewing spot outside a window you can see out of when you are relaxing, eating, watching tv, etc. It's enjoyable to see curious birds like nuthatches, chickadees, and downy woodpeckers, go inside and out of this type of shelter.

What a great way to keep your backyard birds close and entertaining you all winter long!


Warmly Yours, in the Company of Feathers,


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  • I made a roosting box and nuthatch chickadees i have all of them titmouse. None seam to use it ?

    Chris voss

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