My Great Spring Warm-Up

After going through the Winter from hell this year, here in Wisconsin, the Spring green-up was a couple of weeks behind. But the birds were right on migration schedule. So what do those two things bring to our yards, but Indigo Buntings and Scarlet Tanagers!! Yes. Due to the birds returning and no insect food to be found, many of us were treated to yard visits by Indigo Buntings, and some of us also spotted Scarlet Tanagers.

Personally, in my yard, I had about 12 Indigo Buntings and had three Scarlet Tanagers. I consider those visits my reward at having to go through the Winter we just had, and that would never end. There's nothing like seeing such colorful delights surprise you, warm your soul, and take your breath away. For me, it never gets old. It surely was enough to thaw this cold dreary heart, seeing those visits day after day for about two weeks.

Because of the lag of foliage to the trees and shrubs, the Buntings occasionally came to the feeders, but preferred to eat the wild bird mix I sprinkled at the woods edge for them. And the two male Scarlet Tanagers each had their favorite feed, too. The younger male frequented the shelled peanut feeder, while the other male preferred the Oriole's grape jelly. I didn't care what they wanted to eat, I was going to provide it for them so they would grace me with their presence! And did they ever. All I can say is, Thank You. 

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