Positioning your feeder station

I recommend people position their feeder station keeping the following in mind ....

  • a spot that provides a good viewing vantage point for you to watch the entertainment
  • use a feeder pole (not a plant hanger pole) that keeps the bottom of the feeders higher than 4 feet from the ground
  • within 11-15 feet of a full sized ornamental, fruit, or similar type tree
  • further than 10 feet from a tree, fence, birdbath, bench, or other squirrel launching point
  • use a squirrel baffle on the pole between 3 and 4 feet from the ground to keep squirrels from climbing the pole or jumping from the ground 

The ornamental type tree will serve as a "staging area" for the birds to land in just prior to flying to the feeder. I believe these type of trees serve as "stepping stones" from tall, mature trees to the feeder pole area. In other words having lower height trees that lead the birds from the tall, older mature trees to safe places to be prior to landing at your feeder pole. These are the stepping stones and the safe invitation to your feeder. I think by offering this type of set up you make it easier and more inviting for the birds to use your feeder station.

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